Sunday, March 10, 2013

About Me and Where I Live!

A post from Emma - A Newsletter from QSI Malta

Mosta, this is a place in Malta:
Mosta Dome

My name is Emma Casagrande, I live in Malta, I come from Argentina but my passport says I am Brazilian. I am nine years old. I use to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, That is the capital city. Then I moved to Dili, East Timor. Timor Leste that is next to Indonesia and close to Australia also. We moved there because my mom found work there. Now I am in Malta. I came to Malta on June, vacation, 2013. My mom found work in Libya but we are in Malta because it is very close to Libya. My family members are my mom, Albertina, my dad, Silvio and my sister Eloisa.

My favourite thing about Malta is: I like the hiking and trekking places and the mountains are the best place to go. I like this because I like running down the hills and I like to collect rocks you see I really can’t stop moving even in class! Also the view is beautiful!

Malta, Comino and Gozo
In Malta there is a very interesting thing, the temples! There are so many temples in Malta. The temples are about thousands of years old and even more! The temples are big, huge and little rocks put up on each other.

The temples were found by two men they wanted to keep it a secret but their secret was revealed.

Hagar Qim
 If you were a tourist I would tell you to go see the amazing buildings like the towers, some of the towers are from the history of the knights of Malta.

Knight Tower at Hagar Qim

One of the towers is called The Red Tower it is near to a harbour that has a ferry that brings you to a island called Gozo. You should also go see Gozo.

Gozo to the North from the Citadella

The Temples 

In the world there are magnificent free standing temples, but the temples in Malta are the oldest free standing temples in the world. Every temple in Malta where found by accident.
Hagar Qim is another temple in Malta.

Gozo and Comino

This are pictures of Gozo and Comino:
Azure Window in Gozo

Blue Lagoon in Comino
There is great diving in Gozo


The Hypogeum

The Hypogeum is a temple under the ground. It is in Malta and we discovered many new things with it. The Sleeping Lady was found in the hypogeum was found in a pit.
Sleeping Lady in the Archaeological Museum in Valleta
There are also lots of very interesting rooms in the hypogeum like there was this room where there are stairs that stop and under it is a deep pit. Scientists think it was to trap robbers. Then there is a room entering the temple that scientist think they threw bones in there. The best room in the Hypogeum was the “ Holy of Holies”.

My school

This is our school, QSIM, Malta!

These are two students in QSI Malta:


In Dili, one of the things we did was, clean the beach. We could also do it here:

This is my old school in QSID, Dili