Sunday, November 18, 2012

Malta contra los franceses de Napoleon

"The IN GUARDIA PARADE is a re-enactment that portrays an authentic event that took place regularly inside important military fortifications in Malta and Gozo . The re-enactment portrays the inspection of the St. John’s Cavalier in the town of Birgu and its garrison by the Grand Bailiff of the Order of the Knights of St. John in charge of military affairs.  During the re-enactment, the soldiers and knights of the fort’s garrison - some 55 re-enactors - are kitted-out in their finest uniforms and perform a military drill demonstrating to the Grand Bailiff the garrison’s state of readiness in the event of a military threat."


Que hacer el Domingo por la mañana? A ver una representación de cómo los malteses se sacaron de encima a las fuerzas napoleónicas...